Dehydration and Refinement

Clean water is an indispensable source for the human being. For that reason, refinement of the waste waters is a very important requirement. Modern and effective water refinement methods are determined according to the high cleaning capacities. Diversity of the waste muds, customer expectations and legal regulations regarding to the water protection policies have been continuously increasing the targets in the water refinement processes. 

The purposes of the dehydration and refinement are to recover the valuable raw materials from the municipal or industrial waste waters or from the production remainders and to disposal the waste muds without causing any harms or damages to the environment...

Polat Machinery has designed systems, which can process muds in capacities from 5 m3/hour up to 175 m3/hour, for the dehydration of the wastewater muds, condensation of the wastewater muds and dehydration of the industrial wastewater muds to meet these expectations and offers stable or mobile mud dehydration solutions on key delivery basis. 

We, as Polat Machinery, offer to our customers, dehydration decanters, which have optimal torque control and provide high G force, in the light of the legal regulations and the basic requirements, bearing in mind that the economical feasibility of the mud dehydration equipments is determined according to the mud disposal method and dryness of the mud.