Rich product diversity in the industrial systems according to the customer expectations and various standards according these these products are available. 

Polat Machinery has been producing specific solutions in the design and production of the production lines, technologies and equipments according to the customer expectations and relevant standards, in order to meet these industrial system demands.

Hearth of a facility is always the centrifuge equipment. All companies will find the most economic and technologic solution for their own production line, regardless either their production line is a high automated or manual system, in the Polat Machinery

Polat Machinery has been playing an important role in the development of the mechanical separation technology for more than 15 years, in order to have everything to run faultlessly and properly without happening unexpected stops or without occurring any damages on the main unit, and not to cause any consequences, which can not be compensated financially.

Polat Machinery is the Turkey representative of the high quality and latest technology in the field of separators, decanters and process lines, which we manufacture.

Some of the Polat Machinery's applications in the industrial area are as follows:


Refinery Applications;
Waste oils are products, which cannot perform their main duties anymore generally due to their changed characteristics. The potential waste oil sources are the oils used in the machines and gearboxes, emulsions and the remainders from bilges and tanks. Waste oils can be separated from water and particles contained inside thee, through using decanters and separators, in which the mechanical centrifuge technology is applied. Some of our refinery applications are as follows:
• Separation of the drilling muds
• Separation of the oil from the production and drainage waters
• Dehydration of the raw petrol
• Separation of the fuel, lubrication and hydraulic oils
• Separation of the catalyzer particles from the waste oil
• Slop oils: Separation of the waste and washing oils

Edible-Inedible Rendering Applications;
Polat Machinery offers separation technologies for the recovery of blood flour and plasma. Besides the edible and inedible rendering processes, furthermore Polat Machinery has been producing separation products for the floatation mud, animal bones or meat juice processing Polat Machinery offers to the customers, the production lines, which provide high quality and and optimal efficiency in the production of blood flour and plasma. 

Fish Flour and Oil;
Polat Machinery has been producing 3 phased decanters or traditional processes (such as fish processing wholly), with which the customers will always obtain the most efficient protein, oil and water separation. Moreover, Polat Machinery has been providing remarkable solutions for small sized fish flour and oil production capacities.

Potato Starch;
Centrifuge separation is a very important application for the industrial starch production. Success comes out as the result of the economical resource management on the resources acquired in consequence of combining the high efficiency with top quality. Starch is weightily produced from corn, wheat, potato, rice and pea, which have rich starch contents. Starch production is basically divided to three separate technical processes: classification of the extracted starch, washing and concentrating. Polat Machinery possesses the required technical knowledge and proper equipments for all of these processes.

"We have not invented the centrifuge systems, but we achieved to make them economic and top quality".