Quality System

POLAT A.Ş. product and service quality targets world standards. By realizing convenient production with convenient technology, to supply continuous quality it investigates continuously and deals with all functions forming the system one by one to improve them. At POLAT A.S. employer, employee and suppliers focused on the same point as a unique body. This point is the wish to keep customer satisfaction at maximum level. POLAT A.S. believes that the most important investment is to the technology and human being. 

The possitive effect of human experiences and visionary thoughts on the product is very important for us.

Main principle in the production is standardization and quality assurance. National and international standart improvement are being followed and to go further on our company works to be the leader at quality assurance. POLAT A.S. realizes and plans all facilities on the basis of positive effect on customers. At POLAT A.S. the worth of customer continiously increases after sales. 

Customer reactions to our product and services illuminates our way. 

Customer focused groups at POLAT A.S. gives the most effective and quick response to customer approach. POLAT A.S.documented its quality management system with ISO 9001 certificate.