S 570

S 570
Decanter centrifuges play an important role in the removal of the water content from the industrial wastes and from the muds produced in the waste water facilities. Decrease in the volume and weight of the dried mud helps to decrease the disposal and transport costs seriously. 

When the high performance of the conventional equipments manufactured by the POLAT MACHINERY are combined with the innovative design of the S serial decanter centrifuges, this combination makes it possible to produce the driest mud for the lowest cost. With many technical revolutions, it provides energy savings reaching to 40% and retains the CO2 emission at the lowest level and keeps the lifecycle cost at minimum level. 

Dehydration of the high mud volumes requires high torques and effective control. S serial decanter centrifuges are designed to meet the requirements needed for the high torques and effective control at all capacities. 

S serial decanter centrifuges are one of the mud decanters, which are designed to provide effective protection against the wearing. All of the critical parts are made of special materials, which are resistant against wearing, and thence, its maintenance costs have been decreased. These solutions make the S serial decanter centrifuge an effective long-term investment. 

With the special driver system of the S serial decanter centrifuges, body and conveyor speeds can be changed independently from each other. With the help of this feature, operation requirements, which vary in time and according to the type of wastes, are met in proper way. 

The designs of the innovative S serial decanter centrifuges of the Polat Machinery have caused changes in the values, which were accepted for the dehydration processes. Performance improvement reaching to 30% has been achieved, comparing to the decanters of the previous generations. All of the S serial decanters have a compact and modular design and all of their critical parts are manufactured from durable materials, which are resistant against wearing.

S serial decanter centrifuges are reliable and suitable to operate continuously and provide easy and faultless process control. 
Processing of big mud amounts, high efficiency 
Higher processing capacity comparing to the equipment dimensions 
Better process control 
High protection against wearing 
Low maintenance costs 
Low energy consumption 
Low lifecycle cost 
High savings from costs of mud disposal 
Quick and easy installation and use

Machine’s equipments;

Advanced dehydration package: higher cake dryness, low mud disposal cost, 
Advanced protection package against wearing: high protection against wearing, durable materials, low maintenance cost 
Advanced service package: Time savings, through facilitating the operation and maintenance 
Advanced control package: additional functionality and automation in different degrees, with the additional control systems.

Process optimization;

S serial decanter centrifuges can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements. 
The required body speed, to achieve the proper G force required for an effective centrifuge. 
Conveyor speed required to achieve the balance between liquid clarity and cake dryness. 
Optimal water pool depth required to achieve the balance between liquid clarity and cake dryness. 
Wide product range to meet the requirements in wide capacity ranges.