Sintine Seperatörleri

Sintine Seperatörleri
Waste Oil Refinement:

This expression is commonly used for various type oils such as waste oils, petrol remainders, waste chemicals, oil mixtures. Wastes oils are generally maintained in big tanks or pools. When those oil mixtures reach to big amounts, these mixtures possess high amount of energy and endanger the environment. Therefore, waste oil disposal is a very important fact and a problem for the industry. 

Processing of the waste oil is a very economic application, through using the Polat Machinery centrifuge technology and therefore, it is an effective solution for the protection of the sources. In the same time, the volume to be disposed gets lesser and the recovery of the valuable fuel materials can be achieved. 

With the help of the decanter and separator, water and solid wastes are separated in a highly efficient way and the desired product is brought to the proper status for the further processes. Wastes, which do not contain oil, can be disposed in a proper way, so that they will not cause any danger to the environment. Beside the waste oils, bilge water, oil containing waters, oily muds and emulsions can be also be processed with the Polat Machinery centrifuges.


The recovery and disposal of the products, which are obtained at the end of the mechanical separation technology process of the waste oils, were and highly costly operation in the past, but Polat Machinery has increased the efficiency of this process and from economical aspects