Company Profile

POLAT MAKINA, foundations of which had been laid down in the year of 1978, became one of the successful companies not only of Turkey, but also of the world in its sector, through being always one step forward the changes during its voyage exceeding 32 years. Through internalizing the adaptation of the international standards and the continuous development, POLAT MAKINA became a world brand and captured the success in its own country and has been proceeding step by step to the target of achieving this success also in the world.


POLAT MAKINA has reached to an indoor area capacity of 600 m² located on an outdoor area of 7000 m² in the year of 1986, from its initial indoor area of 4,5 m²in the year of 1978, through having performed ironsmith works, roof and various steel construction works between the years of 1978 and 1983, and having manufactured automation systems equipments for the ginnery, feed and flour factories and accomplished the production of an olive pomace (prina) factory, between the years of 1983 and 1985, and having continued its productions with coal enrichment facilities, washing and screening facilities for sand and crushed stone, fuel oil stations, steel roof constructions, fuel tanks, concrete centrals and equipments, special projects and construction works between the years of 1985 and 1993. Finally, the factory’s indoor area reached to 30.000 m² today.


POLAT MAKINA started to continue carrying out its rich production potentials and experiences under the roof of its incorporated company established in the year of 1993 and in the same year, with a patriotic and challenging idea to start the production of olive oil pressing facilities in the same quality of their foreign competitors, had initiated the production of the modern continue system olive oil pressing machines, which were only available from the monopoly of foreign companies till that time and which could be attained only against very high prices in foreign exchanges.

POLAT GROUP established its REDUCER company in the year of 1998 and started to produce the prototype reducers in this new factory having an indoor area of 3000 m² and being equipped with CNC production machineries and well educated technical personnel and since the beginning of 2000’s years, it started to meet the reducer demands both of POLAT MAKİNA and other manufacturer companies in various industry fields.

Our company, POLAT MAKINA has been continuing its production policy for top quality products against cheap prices and proved its quality, through having obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.


After having added the AYKUTSAN A.Ş., which is a corrugated cardboard packaging facility, to its range of production plants in the year of 2002 in its modern building established in the UMURLU Organized Industry Site, POLAT MAKINAstarted to make investments also in this sector and through having continued these investments along the years of 2002 and 2003, this facility became ready to meet the demands of the local industrialists and manufacturers for any kind of cardboard boxes and packaging here.

POLAT TARIM LTD. ŞTİ. was founded as a sample plant in the year of 2003 and we have there an olive pressing facility having a capacity of 240 tons/day and we continue to inspect and search the ways to meet the manufacturers’ demands and the further perfection of the machine, in and with our this facility and we follow our searches to achieve and provide better solutions.

We produced the first full automatic milk separator of the Turkey in the year of 2005, through continuing being one of the firsts in our sector. 

We have started the production of industrial dehydration decanters in the year of 2006. 

POLAT MAKİNA's continuous and not changing target is to create added value at an increasing ratio for its stakeholders and has been continuing to perform all of its activities under the institutional management at international standards, social responsibility understanding, customer satisfaction and environmental protection principles. Bearing the principle "Future is now, in order not to postpone the future to the future" always in mind and reacting accordingly, POLAT MAKINA has been continuing its journey, which started in the year of 1978, through developing and with its strategy of growing focused on efficiency.